Workpackage 8

Transfer of results

The BEE DOC takes specific care for the transfer of its results into society and dedicates a fully fledged work package for these tasks which will be based on a multi-layered dissemination plan: The practical transferability of results to all these stakeholders responsible for honeybee health will be particularly facilitated by the active participation of the BEE DOC partners in the already established COST action "COLOSS" (= prevention of honeybee Colony Losses) a global network with ca. 105 members from 34 countries, (COST Action FA 08033).

COLOSS aims at concerting international efforts to fight colony losses in apiculture not only in Europe but also in other regions in the world where apiculture is well established. P4 is chair of COLOSS and P1-P7 are members ensuring smooth collaboration between the two networks.